Request Access to the SD2E Platform

At this time, access is restricted to SD2 project members. Your username and password will be the same as your TACC username and password.

Create a TACC account

To create a TACC username and password, please visit this site:

You must agree to the TACC Acceptable Use Policy, and then fill out the Account Request form.

After submitting the Account Request form, you should receive a confirmation email. Please go ahead and confirm.

Once your email is confirmed, your account request will then be reviewed. Account approval should occur within 1 business day. You should receive an email when your account is approved.

After your account is approved, please log back into the TACC User Portal and complete Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). For MFA, follow the TACC Auth App instructions, and we suggest substituting in the Google Authenticator App instead. MFA instructions are available here:

If you require further assistance, please submit a support ticket here.

Request access to SD2E computational resources

After your TACC account is set up, we still need to link the account to the specific resources for this project. To do this, once you have received e-mail confirmation of TACC account creation, and before logging into, please enter your username and password below:

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